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Restarting Services in Church

We are very pleased to announce that St Mary’s Church building is once again open for worship, with Communion services  being held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10am and the first evening service will be held at 7:30pm Wednesday 29th July.

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Digital worship will still continue as normal each week and remain the main focus of our prayer, worship and Bible teaching. But alongside the online services, we will begin holding services of Holy Communion where small groups of people can gather for simple said services in which we share the Lord’s Supper together.

Seating PlanAs part of the national guidance, the '2m rule' still applies in church, but the chairs will be arranged so households can sit together and all the words for the service will be printed on single use service sheet which you will find in your seat. 

Members of the congregation are not required to wear masks, but you are most welcome to do so. The service leader will of course be following all the hygiene guidance around communion, including wearing a mask/visor as appropriate. We will remain in our seats throughout the service, with communion (bread only) being brought to you where you are sat.

Everyone will also be asked to use the hand sanitiser, and there will be a steward to assist in social distancing as we enter and leave the building.

The space limits us to around 20 people at a time, so in order to ensure we use the space as efficiently as possible, we are asking everyone to ‘book’ a space.
We anticipate seats to be filled, so this will need to be done in advance.

There is absolutely no expectation or pressure for anyone, especially those in vulnerable groups, to come along to any of the services, but everyone will be made welcome and if you do wish to come, please use the form below to indicate all the services you woudl be available for. Once we know peoples preferences, we will do our best fit as many people in as possible and then contact you again with the results, but please do be patient with the process as it might take a while to find the best way of managing things.

Remember to follow all the appropriate social distancing guidance and of course do not come if you're displaying any of the symptoms of coronavirus or have been advised to to self isolate as part of the test and trace scheme.